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Disaster Recovery Planning & Business Continuity Management Services.

Don't take your IT network for granted.

95% of businesses which suffer a disaster will cease trading within 18 months. The other 5% planned ahead and invested in a disaster recovery procedure. Don’t be one of the many businesses that take their data for granted and end up with nothing.

Protect your business

In today’s working environment most businesses are completely dependent on their electronic data. Fire or theft, flood damage, natural disasters and hacking can destroy vital information. Disaster recovery protects your data and gets you back up and running within hours of the unexpected happening.

Creating a virtual office

Our disaster recovery package is created so that you will be able to work from anywhere with an internet connection once the disaster recovery procedure is implemented. Because we replicate your network on a virtual machine, all employees will have full access to their files and emails and using our procedure is the quickest way to setup a temporary office if this is necessary.

Giving your customers peace of mind

Having a disaster recovery procedure in place will assure your customers that your business can carry on working in the event of a disaster without disruption, and also that their confidential data is being stored correctly.

How it all works  

Inventory audit ­– our team undertakes a full audit of your network infrastructure and discusses your requirements. We then recommend a unique disaster recovery procedure for your business.

Co-location server replication – we take detailed images of every server in your company which are installed onto our in-house “virtual server”. Every server is replicated and in the event of a disaster will take over from your onsite hardware, giving a speedy and reliable recovery service.

Offsite backup online – all critical data is backed up daily to our 100% secure offsite facilities ensuring that no information is ever lost.

Email retention – all company email is retained daily on our email servers, enabling the rapid resumption of sending and receiving company email should something go wrong.

Regular testing – we undertake disaster recovery “dummy runs” to ensure we can replicate your network quickly and efficiently when required. Disaster recovery is second nature to our specialists; we know how important it is to have a quick turnaround when disaster strikes.

Act now

Contact us today on 01 7079814 to find out more. Alternatively you can request a callback, or visit our Central Dublin office, which is based in 13 lower ormond quay. Don’t let a disaster get in the way of your business.

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