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Integrity Network Monitoring. Keeping a
Watchful Eye Over Your IT.

Pro-active IT Support is Priceless.

Integrity monitoring is a revolutionary real-time network monitoring system that watches over key parts of your network, allowing us to fix any problems before you even know they exist. More importantly, integrity alerts us to problems that have the potential to cause major network disruption throughout your entire organisation.

What does integrity check?

Security monitoring.

Security monitoring alerts us to any unauthorised security breaches and allows us to monitor all critical services.

Anti-virus and malware software.
Server backups.
Critical server updates.
Unauthorised login attempts.
Firewall performance.

Hardware monitoring.

Hardware monitoring alerts us to any physical problems that may occur on your network.

Server RAID.
ALL critical hardware performance.

Performance monitoring.

Performance monitoring alerts us to potential bottlenecks that could have an adverse effect on your network.

Server RAID.
Hard disk space.
Disk space consumption.
User/system folder and file sizes.
Windows services.
Internet stability.
Website monitoring,
Start stopped services through the dashboard.
Exchange Server/ Exchange mailbox store size.
Performance:  Processor Health, Memory Usage, Network Interface, Physical Disk health.

Software applications.

integrity also gives us the ability to monitor software applications such as SQL server and other 3rd party applications you may use within your business. If the software fails, we know about it before you do.

Keeping you in the loop.

integrity automatically generates a detailed report that can be emailed to users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Easy to read and understand, our reports give you a breakdown of all monitoring statistics including any changes or alerts.

Pro-active IT Support is for everybody

The integrity network monitoring system is included with every Inetrity unlimited IT Support contract. Block Hour support clients and non contracted customers can also take advantage of Integrity. For more information on this revolutionary product, contact us today on 01 7079814.

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