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Video Conferencing Solutions.

If you need to bring people together across the world, the most cost-effective way to do it is via video conferencing. Evad can deliver a face to face experience with the very latest in high definition video conferencing solutions at a price that will please you. New products create a realistic and immersive telepresence experience, meaning better communication and performance. We have an experienced team that can implement and maintain video conferencing networks whatever your business.

Different businesses have diverse requirements

Large enterprises – big businesses use video conferencing daily on a global scale. Outdated equipment can lead to conference fatigue and technical problems, which are frustrating if you up against a tight deadline. We put time and intelligence into providing a simple, secure product that is designed with consumers in mind.

Small-medium sized business – video conferencing solutions for small to medium sized businesses were once unaffordable, but thanks to technological progress we can now deploy a cost effective solution that doesn’t have to be restricted to the board room.

Public sector – key public sector officials are based in multiple locations, making meetings difficult to arrange and attend. Decisions made in the public sector affect large numbers of people, making the need for effective conferencing vital. Our public sector clients benefit from state of the art video conference solutions with high “end to end” security.

Education – distance learning is becoming mainstream and using the latest communications technology can make learning more accessible: invite specialist tutors to class, hold panel discussions with authorities and conduct lectures from remote locations. All types of classroom can be accommodated in video communications, from school rooms to full lecture halls thanks to life sized high definition solutions available from Our IT Department.

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