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GDPR Services - Evad Technology Group

EVAD IT Solutions GDPR Compliance Services


With new regulations and compliance concerns a constant challenge, GDPR, data privacy and cybersecurity take on new level of importance. Our IT consultants understand the latest regulations and compliance restriction for Irish businesses and can easily deploy solutions that meet these complex requirements.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) presents a challenge for most businesses in Ireland, EVAD IT Solutions has designed a structured roadmap to ensure compliance. Our GDPR Consultants work with the Data Protection Officer within your business to ensure that all requirements, procedures, documentation and risks are assessed correctly and continuous improvement plans are agreed and actioned. All information and tasks are recorded in our GDPR Audit portal and readily available to your business in the event of a GDPR audit. The Audit Portal is an invaluable tool in ensuring that all GDPR compliance efforts are logged, tracked and actioned by the required resources through to completion.


Below is an overview of some of the GDPR Compliance steps taken during the Contract, many of which will be repeated to ensure ongoing compliance.

INITIAL GDPR ASSESSMENT – Scan the network environment and answer a set of pre-configured questions to quickly and easily determine if all GDPR requirements are being met, and if not, what needs to be done to become compliant.

GDPR REMEDIATION SERVICES – Document and prioritise issues that must be remediated to address GDPR-related security vulnerabilities through ongoing managed services.

GDPR APPROVED DOCUMENTATION – Produce all regularly scheduled mandatory reports as required by GDPR and be prepared in advance in the event of an audit. Demonstrate your client’s “best efforts” to comply with the law.

ONGOING GDPR COMPLIANCE – Regular, automated network scans detect any ongoing issues, identify potential threats, and provide alert notifications.

GDPR isn’t just a “Europe thing,” even though the biggest impact will be on organisations based in the European Union. Literally every business in the world that collects data about any individual living in the European Union is impacted. Organisations that are found to be non-compliant with these sweeping new privacy regulations are subject to significant fines and crippling sanctions.

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