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Proactive IT Support - Evad Technology Group

Introducing Proactive IT Support With E-Shield

EVAD IT Solutions, Proactive IT Support Service coupled with our FAST (Fixed Assigned Service Time) SLA ensures that your business can focus on its core functions knowing that should any IT issue occur, our state of the art monitoring solutions has already identified the issue, interrogated your systems, created a support ticket with our service team and assigned your issue to one of our highly qualified IT Support Engineers. Put simply, our Proactive IT Support solution knows about your issue and has taken the necessary steps required to resolve it before your business or user is aware of the issue. Now that’s Empowering IT.

The E-Shield Secure Proactive Managed Service offers an all-in-one solution that monitors and protects your business networks (Switches, Routers, WAP’s), critical appliances (Server’s, SAN’s, NAS devices) and user devices (Desktop’s, Laptop’s, MAC’s, Tablets) from cyber-attacks and threats in real time 24/7 with Zero Hour efficiency. Unlike Typical legacy support solutions, the E-Shield Proactive Managed Service combines effective compliance monitoring with advanced security for all your business devices, The E-Shield Service enables our certified technical support team or service desk to receive notifications of any faults, issues or security concerns in real time and coupled with our industry leading FAST ( Fixed Assigned Service Time) SLA , our technicians respond to all incidents within minutes to ensure your business meets its operational efficiency.

E-Shield Proactive Managed Service ensures that we exceed your expectations around ICT Support services and deliver on our promise of Empowering IT.


Features and Benefits
A complete Proactive Managed Service solution that integrates everything you need for comprehensive protection from threats such as ransomware, viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, adware, keyloggers, malicious mobile code (MMC) and other dangerous applications and web content.

Your business devices that are protected with the E-Shield Proactive Managed Service, can repair themselves from attacks in real time, with built-in security to help keep your network safe. Automatically monitor threats, detect intrusions, accelerate workflow, improve accuracy and validate operating software with security offered only by E-Shield.

Inconvenient interruptions and complex maintenance can slow down business operations, and ultimately, the pace of business. Avoid pauses in productivity with E-Shield Proactive Managed Services which has been designed to maximize uptime, so you can count on reliable results day in and day out.

EVAD’s Proactive IT Support is not just another support service, it’s the peace of mind that your business-critical systems are running on secure and resilient platforms in the most efficient way possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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