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Networking & Security

EVAD IT Solutions offer complete multi-level security coverage for companies throughout Ireland. We offer firewall services to protect your security perimeter, secure switching and Wi-Fi solutions for authenticated access to your business systems either on premise or delivered via the cloud. Email security solutions to strip away malicious links and attachments as well as advanced endpoint security services to protect your individual devices. EVAD IT Solutions has the tools and solutions to fit your needs.

We also provide networking and cyber security services for businesses throughout Ireland. Our team of networking security specialists work to ensure your business has built-in safeguards against potential threats and coupled with our Proactive Support Service, E-Shield you have the peace of mind knowing that our professionals are protecting yours.


Networking & Security must be an integral part of your IT strategy. Unfortunately, keeping up with the relentless introduction of new threats that threaten the security of your business can be extremely difficult and costly to manage in house. Even more costly is intellectual property theft as well as data breaches that expose the personal data of customers and employees, opening your organisation to costly lawsuits, compliance issues and that can forever damage your reputation.

You can no longer afford to be complacent with the network security of your company or your customer’s data.

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