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About - Evad Technology Group

About EVAD IT Solutions

Building on decades of IT experience, EVAD IT Solutions was founded in 2005 to bring enterprise-class skills and technology to small- and medium-size businesses at a price they could afford. Over ten years on, EVAD IT Solutions continue to provide best in class, friendly IT support services and proven affordable technology solutions to customers across the Ireland. Whether you’re an established Enterprise or Small or Medium Sized business, we understand how critical it is to consistently meet the current and evolving demands of an ever-changing economic landscape.

Our success comes in part from working closely with our clients to deploy solutions that meet current needs but are flexible enough to accommodate future growth and changing business requirements. We believe that each of our client’s – is our partner, and we are committed to working with you and your business to achieve our mutual goals. Our dedicated team of friendly, experienced and reliable IT professionals are just a visit, call, email or IM away to “Empowering IT”.


EVAD’s IT consultants are proactive and work with you individually to deploy solutions that meet your ever-changing business requirements and provide continuous maintenance, administration, support and repair for your business-critical systems and applications.

Our experienced IT support team, quickly resolve any difficulties you and your company are facing so that you’re able to work as efficiently and productively as possible. The EVAD IT Solutions support team are accessible 24/7 should you require this level of support and are able provide assistance and advice to each and every user within your company, regardless of their technical abilities.

We offer a unique approach to ICT support services by combining skills and experience in Proactive Managed Services, Data Infrastructure, Cloud Technologies, Networking & Security, Consultancy Services & HP Managed Print Services. With new regulations and compliance concerns a constant challenge, data privacy and cyber-security take on new level of importance. Our IT consultants understand the latest regulations and compliance restriction for Irish businesses and can easily deploy solutions that meet these complex requirements.

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